Guinea rail builders blast in chimp habitat, no plan to protect apes

A Chinese-backed consortium, building infrastructure for a massive iron ore mine in Guinea, started blasting a railway tunnel in habitat the Critically Endangered western chimpanzee.


China’s Belt and Road urged to take green route

Climate economists say initiative will play make-or-break role in meeting global emissions targets


Rarest orangutans 'doomed' by Indonesia dam project

The world's most endangered orangutans could be pushed towards extinction after an Indonesian court approved a controversial dam project, say campaigners.


Chinese dam project in Guinea could kill up to 1,500 chimpanzees

Planned Koukoutamba dam to be built in reserve established to protect chimps from mining.


Cellphones are still endangering gorillas, but recycling old ones can help

Mining is a major factor in the decline of species like the Grauer’s gorilla, which have lost habitat to the industry and are also hunted when forest is opened up for mining.