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Steering Committee

We are guided by a 20-member Steering Committee. Members advise ARRC Task Force policies and activities, and participate in the ARRC Task Force's reviews and other outputs. Members are from countries across the apes' ranges, as well as from Europe and North America. To protect the identity of committee members, we do not disclose their names. The ARRC Steering Committee are voting members who approve ARRC Statements about projects. The ARRC Steering Committee is also responsible for reviewing project requests to determine if they fit within our criteria of projects and companies with whom we can engage.

For each project that engages with the ARRC task force, we form a panel of about 4-5 members. Panelists are selected by the ARRC Task Force lead and have the choice of remaining anonymous. The ARRC Task Force lead summarizes the panel's feedback and is the main point of contact with companies, banks, and consultancy firms and the panel.

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