Mount Nimba World Heritage Site, © UNESCO Photograph by Guy Debonnet

Description: Mount Nimba
Date: 17/05/2007
Author: Guy Debonnet
Copyright: © UNESCO


"IUCN’s position is that mineral and oil and gas exploration and exploitation (including associated infrastructure and activities) is incompatible with the Outstanding Universal Value of World Heritage Sites and should not be permitted within these sites. If it is outside the boundaries of World Heritage sites, it should not, under any circumstances, have negative impacts on their Outstanding Universal Value." (

We follow this position and do not work with projects inside or affecting World Heritage Sites.

Click here for a list of all Natural and Mixed World Heritage Sites. Additional information is available on the IUCN World Heritage Programme website.

Virunga World Heritage Site. Wigger85 reproduced CC BY 3.0

Description: Mount NimbaDate: 17/05/2007Author: Guy DebonnetCopyright: © UNESCO