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Memorandum of Understanding

When a company or bank initially contacts the ARRC Task Force, we request that enough information be initially supplied so that we can undertake a rapid review of project documentation to get a sense of the project. This initial review takes one-week and will be followed by a clarification call with the company.  This review provides us with knowledge of the stage, location, and general extent of impacts of a project, as well as the constraints under which the project is working. 

If the Task Force feels comfortable with the project and would like to proceed with an engagement, we establish a mutually agreed upon Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This will cover the initial review, and the continuation of the engagement until the time the mitigation strategy is produced. This MOU can be explicit that no public statements from the Task Force (or even review) will be made without specific permission in writing from the Company until a certain time after which we are allowed to disclose information. The MOU may also specify certain information that they wish not to be disclosed about the project. We do not agree to sign Confidentiality Agreements concerning biodiversity information as we believe this information should be in the public domain.

Following this, the next phases of engagement with the ARRC Task Force involves overseeing/monitoring implementation of the mitigation strategy. For this we will sign a new agreement. We suggest bi-annual reviews that are publicly available.

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