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Engaged: Completed

Singrobo-Ahouaty Hydropower Project

Hydroelectric dam

Ivoire Hydro Energy

The Singrobo-Ahouaty hydropower project is a planned hydroelectric dam on the Bandama river in Côte d'Ivoire. The proposed dam is located within the Critically Endangered western chimpanzee’s (Pan troglodytes verus) range. The project, consisting of a 44 MW power station, transmission line, and interconnection station, is owned by Ivoire Hydro Energy (IHE). The dam is planned to start operations in 2023. The ARRC Task Force was contacted by IHE to align with IFC PS6 given that the project is located within chimpanzee’s range. The ARRC Task Force provided advice for planning additional chimpanzee surveys within the project’s area of influence. The ARRC Task Force commented on the results of the chimpanzee study and ended its engagement in 2022 after it was confirmed that chimpanzees had been extirpated from the area before the start of the project.

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