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Global Alumina Corporation

Bauxite mining

Global Alumina Corportation

Currently in operation, this 690 km2 mining concession in the Boké region of Guinea holds 400 million tonnes of bauxite mineral resources. The project is run by the Global Alumina Corporation (GAC). GAC began exports of its bauxite in 2019 and expects to produce 12 million tonnes of bauxite per year. The project is impacting the Critically Endangered western chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus). This project has received a loan from the International Finance Corporation and other lenders aligning with its standards, and therefore the project has contacted the ARRC Task Force in 2020 to improve mitigation of its impacts on site following IFC PS6.

ARRC Documents
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Project Replies

Biodiversity Advisory Panel (BAP) reply to March 2024 ARRC Statement

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