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ARRC declined to engage

Trans-Guinean Railway

Iron ore railway

WCS/Rio Tinto

The Trans-Guinean railway project is a 670 km long railroad across Guinea that will transport iron ore from the Simandou Mountain Range to Forécariah on the coast of Guinea. The project has negative impacts on Critically Endangered western chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus). The project is owned by the Compagnie du TransGuinéen, a joint venture between Winning Consortium Simandou (WCS; 42.5%), Rio Tinto Simfer (42.5%) and the government of the Republic of Guinea (15%). The project is currently in the construction phase. The ARRC Task Force was contacted by WCS in 2021 to align its activities with IFC PS6, however the Task Force declined to engage (see reasons for not engaging in the document below).

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