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ESIA Design

Our Process: If there are ape populations in the area where a project is being considered, we can work with your team to advise on the best methodologies for surveying ape populations, duration needed for studies, and timing of studies. We can advise on data analysis so that you can determine how many apes are within your area of concern. You will need to hire an expert to do the fieldwork, but we can work with your expert to design the surveys to ensure that you are obtaining accurate ape population estimates and information about how these individuals will be impacted.

We would like to stress that it is important to engage early in this process of survey design, to avoid causing delays and increased financial investment that may arise due to inadequate surveys. It is also useful to engage with the Task Force at this stage so you can have a clear idea of how much time and funding you should account for in your budgets for surveys, mitigation efforts, and potential “ecological damages.”

Our Product: We will provide official ARRC Task Force comments with our assessment of the project. All comments will be made public in the project database on our website.


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